Kitchen Remodeling

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Looking to remodel your home? Make sure the heart of it looks as good as it possibly can. We're here to help: We have you covered with plenty of kitchen design ideas to inspire your next renovation,

Turn Up the Lighting

Christo Bros is big on lighting, we recommends having a mix of styles within your space. Typically, we light the island with pendants or multi-light chandeliers, Surface-mounted lights that are flush or semi-flush help light the ceiling as well as the area below it, which makes a room feel cheerful and bright. We also suggests using recessed lights, especially on a dimmer if the kitchen is used for dining and entertaining. Under-cabinet lighting is also a must.


Consider All Cabinetry Types

If you want cabinetry weigh all of your options. Do all-opaque iterations work for you? Or would a few glass-front options which might help kids navigate the space better or allow you to show off your prized china collection elevate the space? Consider the pros (accessibility and aesthetics) the cons (finger smudges and constant curation) before you decide, but note that see-through "window" cabinets could be exactly what your existing space is missing. Christo gets amazing deals on all types of cabinetry.


Add Personality with a Backsplash

Backsplashes are a great way to add and extra pop of personality to your space whether you prefer a crisp, clean look made with quartz or something more adventurous, like a colorful glass tile. We do it all. 


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